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Welcome to my website! I'm bored and old websites seem interesting to me, so I'm going to be trying my hand at my own website!

For all I know, this might be a small thing I work on for a week or two, get bored of and give up on. Hopefully that won't happen, since this seems really fun to do, although as someone who has never coded before this can become rather complicated to work with.

This website will hopefully develop in the future (the present being the 9th of May, 2021), and is heavily inspired by websites like and, so some things might seem similar between here and those sites.
A lot of the site is just placeholders right now, they will be updated in due course.


Wow, I'm actually not abandoning a project like this for once. I would have worked on this more recently but I've had some pretty important exams for my GCSEs for the past few days so that has got in the way.

I've been feeling pretty down recently. I don't know what it is, but I've just felt like I have no energy - like these exams are taking up all of my brain power. I had my Physics exam today, one of the most important ones. It was in the afternoon so I could have slept in until around 11am, but I decided to get my normal bus to school, so I woke up at 6:30am. I ended up studying in school for a few hours, then got McDonalds which was fun, but the walk into the town kills my legs. I think I did well on the exams, but only time will tell.


It is 3am but I finally managed to get the skeleton of this website up and working. I'm so happy that I did it, even if I used a template.

I've spent the last few days trying to figure this all out instead of studying for the exams I have next week. I've never coded before so it's been hard, but I managed to get it in the end. I wasn't too sure what to do with the website - if I should fill it with memes, or if I should make it genuine. I guess it's genuine now, since I'm writing a blog type thing.
What would you even call this? I don't know, I wasn't even alive when a lot of this stuff was around.


Hi! My name is [REDACTED], but I go by Moon most of the time online. I'm 16 and live in the UK. I usually make music in my free time, or play dumb games, or get confused by my bad coding.
Star Sign: Capricorn

Favourite colour: Purple

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